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The mobile pet healthcare solution
for all your pets...
Your "peace of mind"
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Simple, useful, & fun

my Buddy pet app® organizes all your pets information in one convenient place
allowing you to easily exchange pet health care, information and photos
with your friends, family and animal health professionals.

Click on one of the categories below and
discover my Buddy pet app®.

Main Screen

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My Pet Care

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S.O.S My Buddy


A professional complete & functional space, coming soon !

Access YOUR pet owner space using your login and password!
Find all information you entered and received on your smartphone, including the factsheets with animations and videos, your pets images, reminders, etc.

Health & PetCare

Consult educational and recreational resources specific to all your pets; home care management information and also breed specific information.




Change the device orientation to insure the best navigation.